Basic controls

Moving the Canvas

To reposition the canvas in the Form Editor, press and hold the left mouse button anywhere on the canvas, then drag to move it to a new location.

Zoom In and Out

Zoom in or out by scrolling with your mouse wheel or touchpad.

Adding Steps & Action Blocks

Drag steps and action blocks from the Form Editor's sidebar onto the canvas to add them.

Connecting Steps and Action Blocks

Create a connection by clicking the black knob at the bottom of a step and dragging it to the top center of the next step. Release the mouse button to complete the connection. It works the same with action blocks.

Deleting Connections

Double-click on a connection between two steps to delete it.

Accessing Step & Action Block Settings

Click a step on the canvas to open its settings panel. This also provides access to additional step functionalities such as input validation and calculation.

Deleting Steps & Action Blocks

Right-click on a step or action block and select 'Remove' to delete it from the canvas.

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